Max at HAX: MaxMixology Takes On HAXLR8R In China

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Science Brainstorming Sparks Startup Ideas

Every term, Velocity hosts a few brainstorming events for entrepreneurs with ideas for science startups. Companies working from Velocity workspaces have found that these sessions are a great bouncing off point for them and an opportunity to network and start…


A Palette For Creativity

On December 3rd, the artistic work of Dwight Storring, the City of Kitchener artist-in-residence, and the technical work of local startup, and Velocity company, Palette, were brought together to showcase a unique look into our community. Neighbourhood Voices Interactive, which…


Memories of VFF S14 with $25K Winner, MAJiK Systems

Welcome to the final installment of our VFF “Where Are They Now?” series, where we share the experience of previous VVF winners with you! The 11th Velocity Fund Finals are taking place tomorrow and it’s time to wrap up the…


Going Back to VFF S14 with Grobo Inc.

This is the third installment of our VFF “Where Are They Now?” blog series – which means we’re getting very close to the finals! If you’re new to the series and haven’t read our previous two posts, get up to…


Here Are Your VFF $25K Finalists

Pictured above: EyeCheck What will be the next startup to rock the entrepreneurial community? Well, the 10 companies pitching their businesses live at the 11th Velocity Fund Finals (VFF) on November 27th definitely have the potential, and one of them could be…