DemoCampToronto Experiences: Paul Butler

We arrived at DemoCamp at the tail end of Yossi Vardi’s talk. He talked about finding talented people (ask their friends, not their superiors) and being frugal as a founder (16 slices of pizza is meals for a week).

After a short break for food (pizza, appropriately enough), the presenters were up. The presenters were all funded by either Brightspark, Extreme University, or Rogers Ventures (the host of the event). The presentation that stood out the most for me was Thoora, a slick news aggregator site created by UFT graduates. The presenter’s bright green shirt stood out, which prompted Yossi to comment that the colour of someone’s shirt is as valid a criteria for investment as any other.

Although there was other interesting stuff presented, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of demos. Only two other companies, Extreme University alumni Assetize and Uken Games, presented demos, even though the others had working software (and in some cases, live software with paying customers). Powerpoints just aren’t as exciting as live software.

The event wrapped up after the presentations and we got a chance to talk briefly with some of the other attendees before heading back to VeloCity.

On September 24th a group of six students from VeloCity jumped in a limo and traveled to Toronto to attend DemoCampToronto with Yossi Vardi (found of ICQ) and see some new startups show off their stuff. This is blog post from one of the students that went.