DemoCampToronto Experiences: Srdjan Popovic

Yesterday was an interesting day. I planned to do all my school stuff so I’d have the weekend free to myself, but the entrepreneur gods had something better planned for me.

With a last minute attempt to get in on the big event, I ended up with an opportunity to go to a DemoCamp in Toronto and check out some amazing ideas presented by some incredible entrepreneurs. I changed into something more business-casual and ran outside.

We ended up getting there late and just caught the end of Yossi Vardi’s speech. Yossi is the founding investor of Mirabilis, inventor of ICQ. I stood on my toes to get a glimpse of the man because the room was absolutely packed. The speech ended and we were told to go grab some food. All of us from Velocity were starving. If coming late is good for anything, it’s for getting to the food first. We grabbed some delicious pizza and got a chance to speak with a few interesting people.

We went back to the basement of the Rogers building and grabbed some good seats. We were ready to hear some great presentations. As each idea was presented I kept thinking to myself “that will be me someday soon.” I never realized there was such a close-knit community of entrepreneurs willing to share ideas and advice to anyone looking to venture into starting their own business.

The ideas ranged from tools that allow you to monetize your social media accounts to my favourite, Thoora, which indexes the entire blogosphere to give you the most relevant and popular news on the web. These guys were just incredible.

The best part of the night was the post-presentation socializing. We got a chance to speak with some incredible people about our ideas and goals. These guys have been in our shoes and know what it’s like to be hungry and passionate about something. They’re willing to be honest with you and tell you exactly what they think. I got a chance to speak with David Crow (the organizer of the event) and this man simply knows what he’s talking about.

The ride home was great. We were all high off of excitement and spent the entire ride home chatting about ideas and business models and things that we want to pursue. I think this is what entrepreneurship is really about.

Overall, it was a great night and I can’t wait for the next event!

On September 24th a group of six students from VeloCity jumped in a limo and traveled to Toronto to attend DemoCampToronto with Yossi Vardi (found of ICQ) and see some new startups show off their stuff. This is blog post from one of the students that went.