VeloCity 101 Liveblogging – Fall 2009

  • 11:59 PM UWVeloCity – Last minute set up of the liveblogging is ready to go. Event starts in the morning… really looking forward to it!
  • 8:45 AM jrodgers – up and not at the market… going to VeloCity 101 weeeeee #vcity101
  • 1:30 PM jrodgers – The wordy slides full of knowledge from @jacquimurphy will be on the #uwvcity site #vcity101
  • 1:30 PM jrodgers – Think about vesting equity with founding team #vcity101 @jacquimurphy
  • 1:30 PM jrodgers – Sitting in managing equity and team building @jacquimurphy #vcity101
  • 1:30 PM jrodgers – I have a pen pall from Italy that I haven’t msg’d in a year. That is extent of my relationships. #vcity101 from @aliasaria
  • 3:51 PM jrodgers – closing off the day with @davidcrow and I have my laptop back #vcity101
  • 4:00 PM micberman – #vcity101 @davidcrow how do you stand out from the crowd, why should I pay attention to you – that’s the new marketing, demand generation
  • 4:00 PM jrodgers – “social media is the new black” @davidcrow #vcity101
  • 4:04 PM jrodgers – wondering how many students in the room know who Peter Drucker is… they should #vcity101
  • 4:06 PM dwilkin – great day at #vcity101 now finishing up with David Crow
  • 4:11 PM micberman – #vcity101 development is about moving up the stack from task to experience
  • 4:18 PM dwilkin – “you dont have to be huge, you just have to be great” @davidcrow – some great insights at #vcity101
  • 5:41 PM UWVeloCity – Thanks to everyone for making today a great day! Videos and slides will be posted over the next week or so.

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