A ‘StartupWeekendVeloCity’ will kick off winter term at VeloCity

Next term is going to start off a lot differently than previous terms here at VeloCity. The first two weeks will give students and opportunity to work together coming up with ideas, work towards a build and launch a product (or a part of a product), and pitch it! The plan as it stands:

  • Monday the 4th
    • Evening social – say hi, introduce ourselves
  • Tuesday the 5th – Thursday the 7th
    • 8pm Brainstorming each night.
  • Friday the 8th at 8am to Sunday the 10th at 8pm
    • StartupWeekendVeloCity (more like a Blitzweekend)- Students will break into groups of 3-5 (coders and non-coders) and develop a product that can launch something on the Sunday night. Local entrepreneurs will be on hand to help advise and encourage students, white boards will be everywhere, pizza and caffeine will be provided to fuel it.
  • Saturday the 16th at 10am
    • VeloCity 101 – our beginning of term conference but this time the teams from the StartupWeekendVeloCity will be pitching their products. We will still have some presentations from Ray Cao, Carol Leaman, Melanie Baker, and more…

We don’t expect teams to continue on with the products if they don’t want too but we do expect all VeloCity students to participate for an intensive weekend of trying to get a product out the door.

More details to follow but I just wanted to get this posted so next term’s students can plan their time accordingly. Really looking forward to this weekend. The folks from PostRank.com and Well.ca have already volunteered to help out along with some other individuals like Larry Borsato!