VeloCity Start Up Day

Tuesday December 1st from 11am to 4pm marks the end of our term and the opportunity for VeloCity students to showcase the projects that they have been working on all term.

Some of our current projects include Campus Perks a free savings program for students helping companies provide discounts, giveaways, prizes and more to students from coast to coast; Delta Sites a company that helps create and manage a professional website without any technical expertise; and uniConnect helping students connect and network with other co-op students.

A few VeloCity alumni are also returning to show off the companies that they created while living in VeloCity: Kik — a new and innovative digital music application to play, buy, share and organize music on BlackBerry smart phones; and Allerta — a brand new consumer electronics design firm, focused solely on creating cutting edge mobile accessories that mesh perfectly with smartphones and a mobile lifestyle

This year we’ve also included spots for our corporate partners to display their information to UW’s entrepreneurial students. Some of our partners from the community include Communitech, Freshbooks, Miller Thompson, and BizSpark.

We welcome you to stop by the Student Life Centre at UW and network with our students and community partners, and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.