Using ustream for VEB info sessions

It is rather challenging trying to reach post-secondary students across Canada in only a couple of weeks- the two of which are the most busy and overwhelming for students. To accommodate for this busy time of year, we have relied heavily on the typical tools of the day: Facebook, Twitter, email. But who out there is wondering what the face of Jesse Rodgers and the VeloCity team actually looks like? To help bring a face to the VeloCity name we have offered a forum where students could ask us any specific questions in a more interactive way than the conventional tools of email and twitter could provide.

The VEB program is definitely spreading fast and has peaked the interest of students all across Canada. Via ustream we have seen just over a dozen students come in and ask us questions at two different info sessions with respect to the program. The questions are insightful, the students are highly innovative and the ideas are very intriguing. It will be very interesting to see what the VeloCity Entrepreneur Bootcamp brings to Waterloo this Spring- nothing short of amazing, I’m sure of it!