Here’s Looking at You VEB: Aetas Solutions

Aetas Solutions

Here is an update on what’s been going on this past month here at VeloCity and the Accelerator Centre for Bootcamp team, Aetas Solutions. Below group member Lars Peterson talks about the progress, successes and difficulties the team has encountered thus far. Stay tuned for more updates as the program progresses!

Our company, Aetas Solutions, is working on developing an online appointment scheduling software to replace those big and inefficient scheduling pads that plague the front desk of many beauty salons, chiropractors, and other appointment based personal care services. We are entering a fairly competitive market so we have differentiated ourselves by building mobile and tablet integration from day one, and we have developed a proprietary design for particular views that make it an intuitive and interactive experience. We have already finished all the server and database set-up, and the primary view for business owners has been created.

Our biggest challenges have been developing a financial strategy, goals, and execution plan for the company that the team can agree upon. Having three founders creates an interesting dynamic of balancing interests. We think we have accomplished this balance by short daily meetings, extended weekly meetings, and a goal based, transparent method of moving the business forward.
We hope to have a functioning prototype with basic features by the end of June, so stay tuned!

Lars Peterson,
Aetas Solutions