Here’s Looking at You VEB: Bloq Software

Bloq Software

Here is an update on what’s been going on this past month here at VeloCity and the Accelerator Centre for Bootcamp team, Bloq Software. Below group member Mark Ally talks about the progress, successes and difficulties the team has encountered thus far. Stay tuned for more updates as the program progresses!

Recently we released King’s Cup HD (a game where you draw cards from a circle and do what the card says) and so far have a thousand users with more every day. The paid version of King’s Cup, which really beefs up the game’s customizability by allowing users to put in and save their own game rules, was finished the other day and is working its way through the approval process. We’ve also made a lot of progress on our framework. You can now turn cards, flip them and flick them, courtesy of a mini physics engine we added. Our current project is a better multi-player poker game, where players use the iPad as a table, and can use their iPhones and iPod Touches to hold their cards and to bet.

One of the biggest challenges with app development is the approval process. Minor changes to your application can take up to two weeks to be approved, and if you have a “eureka” moment in the meantime, you’ll have to restart the whole process. It can’t be helped though and it’s something every app developer has to work around. A lesser, bittersweet challenge is expanding the team. We’ve hit the point where our art skills won’t cut it, and we’re looking at picking up a graphic artist over the next two weeks.

Mark Ally,
Bloq Software