How to Build a Team and Keep it Working with Carol Leaman

This past Monday June 21st VeloCity Bootcamp students had the pleasure of listening to Carol Leaman, CEO of PostRank, about how to build a team and especially how to keep it working.

Carol focused her talk on talent management and what every entrepreneur has to keep in mind when hiring and building their team.

Things to keep in mind about hiring:

  • Don’t hire your friends
  • Don’t hire your family
  • Trust your instincts
  • Carol spoke about the importance of having a team environment filled with respect, empowerment, fun, freedom, communication, action, confidence and ultimately a strong understanding that everyone contributes to success.

    Interested in building and maintaining your own team of empowered employees? Check out these tips that every entrepreneur should keep in mind when creating a lasting team.

    10 Tips for Creating Rock Solid Teams:

    1. Clear expectations
    2. Context
    3. Commitment
    4. Competence
    5. Character
    6. Collaboration
    7. Communication
    8. Creative innovation
    9. Consequences
    10. Coordination

    This ends off our speaker series information sessions. Be sure to look out for an update on VeloCity’s trip to the G20 Conference, how Bloq Software and the rest of the Bootcamp teams are doing and what is coming up in the near future for these young entrepreneurs!