Selling Your Products, Your Ideas, Yourself with Kevin Hood

Kevin Hood, President, Market Access Corporation

This past Monday June 14th, VeloCity students had the pleasure of learning the tricks of the sales trade from sales guru Kevin Hood, President of Market Access Corporation.

Kevin discussed what every entrepreneur should learn to master in order to sell their next big idea. Kevin has been in the business of selling big ideas for 27 years and is passing his wisdom and experience on to you! Interested in learning how to sell your products, your ideas and yourself? Keep reading for an overview of our bootcamp workshop on the 8 key tricks of the sales process and how to join the top 20% of sales personnel!

Lesson number one: the number one word in sales is value.

According to Kevin, the sales process is both an art and a science- you must be able to distinguish between a prospect and a customer.

A prospect: someone who actually needs or wants what you are selling as is also willing and capable of buying it.

A customer: someone we need because they hold our future financial security in their hands.

Thus the sales process is simply the art and science of turning prospects into customers!

However, be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Forgetting to get to the point
  • Being unable to close the deal
  • Forgetting to address what every prospect is thinking about: wiifm= what’s in it for me?
  • Instead, follow these 8 key steps to sales victory!

    8 key steps to mastering the sales process:
    1.Sales Planning
    2.Personal Performance
    3.Account Planning
    4.Call Planning
    5.Meetings and Proposals
    6.Presenting the Solution
    7.Objections and Closing
    8.Deliver Value and Improve

    By using the 10:3:1 rule- for every 10 calls you make you will find 3 prospects and secure 1 customer, implementing the 8 key steps to mastering the sales process and avoiding the common sales process pitfalls, you too can become a very powerful sales representative!