Here’s Looking at You VEB: Bloq Software Update

Here’s what VeloCity Bootcamp team, Bloq Software has been up to this past month:

It’s been a while since the last update, and boy has it been a whirlwind of a ride.

Thanks to VEB, we’ve had the chance to network and demo at the Young Entrepreneur’s G20 Summit and Startup Camp Waterloo, making some great connections and getting a lot of feedback and advice.

With our apps, recently we bit the bullet and found ourselves a graphic artist. We call the result “King’s Cup HD: Party Edition”, which is now in the App Store. Our framework is going strong, too. In a recent stress-test, we developed and submitted “Ride the Bus” — all in a day. But the thing we’re most excited about these days is our poker app, “Poker Table: Texas Hold’em”.

Our goal was to get rid of the mess without compromising how many people can play. Our app lets up to six players in on the game. Actions on the iPad mimic real life: players hide and peek at their cards, and can push their chips in or throw away their cards. They can even connect their iPhone or iPod Touch to act as their hand.

The game is progressing really well, and we’re excited to see what people think of it. We’re heading into a closed beta, so if you have an iPad and would like to give our app a try, follow us on Twitter (@bloqsoftware) and get ready for the call!

Mark Ally,
Bloq Software