Here’s Looking at You, Cinq.Me

The past week has been a blur with assignments and coop interviews piling high for our VeloCity students.  Max Spear, of Cinq.Me found time in his busy schedule to give readers a more in-depth look into Cinq.Me (previously referred to as Lynx Solutions):

Who We Are

Cinq.Me is an online professional network-building tool that facilitates in-person meetings between individuals seeking new business connections. The virtual system overcomes the key issues limiting networking opportunities, including introversion, schedule co-ordination, and our tendency to seek out those similar to ourselves. Unlike services such as LinkedIn, which allows one to maintain contact with existing business relationships and is entirely virtual, Cinq.Me introduces you to new like-minded professionals in a face-to-face setting. Ultimately, Cinq.Me creates opportunities for one to strengthen their professional network in a time-efficient manner that no existing solution accomplishes.

How It Works

Cinq.Me works by using a “linking” algorithm to find other professionals who have scheduled available times that overlap with yours. The algorithm is based on an array of factors, including availability, role in the company, department/organization, location, and core skills. This method of “skill-based” rather than “interest-based” linking works to ensure that our users meet a diverse set of professionals, overcoming the traditional discriminatory factors such as race, gender, and age.

Next Steps

In October, Cinq.Me will be live for testing at the VeloCity residence. In this phase, we aim to see how the system gets used in a real-world environment. Development is currently in full force, and we are excited for the upcoming launch.

Team Information

Cinq.Me is comprised of seven members. Max Spear, a 5A Math & Business Double Degree student, brings strategic direction and sales experience to the team, having spent co-op terms with Deutsche Bank and Deloitte. Tom Price is a 2A Knowledge Integration student, responsible for the team’s marketing and operational management. The development team of five includes Shaon Bhuiyan, a 2A Software Engineering student with a strong knowledge of web start-ups, having worked at Kontagent and Xtreme Labs. Eddie Du, 2A Combinatorics & Optimization and Computer Science, and David Hu, 2A Software Engineering, both have spent co-op terms at Google and provide the team with anything from ideas to products. Dmitry Blotsky, a 2A Software Engineering student, is an expert in website development and draws on his co-op experiences at Marketcircle Inc.. The final member of the team, Jason Wong, is in 3B Computer Science and possesses an extensive experience in an array of programming languages, having been previously employed by RIM.