Apply Now for VeloCity’s Spring 2011 Term!

VeloCity is always looking for new students to add to its already fantastic lineup of budding entrepreneurs.  If you’re interested in trying out the startup lifestyle and wouldn’t mind simultaneously reaping the benefits of involvement in VeloCity, make sure to apply for our spring term here.

You’ll be living in a residence equipped with:

  • a large conference room (perfect for late night studying)
  • a device lab decked out with Macs and any devices you’d need to start designing applications
  • shared bathrooms and newly renovated kitchens
  • a great common area equipped with an XBOX 360, PS3, Wii and a HDPC Media Center all hooked up to a 65” wide screen TV providing access to every cable channel you could ever imagine

If a gorgeous residence doesn’t sway you, how about the long-term benefits of involvement in VeloCity?  As a VeloCity resident you’re given the chance to meet with local entrepreneurs and businessmen in a low stress environment – say, during a lunch at the Bomber, or while grabbing beer and wings at Chainsaw.  With only 70 students accepted each term, you’re able to interact with these people on a much closer basis than when attending campus-wide events.  Still not convinced? Well, what if you could bypass the stress of coop interviews?  Many of our visiting speakers are looking for prospective coop students.  By attending these events you can get a quick ‘in’ with that company you’ve been dreaming about, or a startup business to gain some entrepreneurial experience.

Apply here now!