Here’s Looking at You, MappedIn

Here’s a sneak peek into what MappedIn has been up to over the past month:

MappedIn is, in short, Google Maps for indoor places.

Technology and the internet has made paper road maps obsolete – everyone has a GPS in their car or prints from the web.  But the maps posted on the walls of airports and malls are still lacking a modern and convenient substitute; and this is the service we hope to provide.

To keep it simple, MappedIn will tie in with the already familiar Google Maps interface; people can plot a trip from his house to a conference downtown just as before.  But now, when walking through the doors, a user can tap to pull up floor plans with paths drawn, step by step, to the conference room.

Also, with indoor mapping, there are a lot of other features that we’re excited about doing.

  • A shopper at a mall can search for a pair of jeans, or see what a store has on sale
  • Travelers can see which plane is leaving for each terminal
  • Students can check what lecture is going on in a specific classroom

Of course, these features are not supported yet, but we’ve finished most of the back-end work.  The map-making process has been optimized to embed information quickly, and the server database is being setup.  We’re also in the process of redesigning the user interface in Flash and Adobe AIR.

We demo’d our internal alpha to The Communitech Hub and they have now agreed to subscribe to our service for their facility, which we aim to have done for Christmas.  Visit our site to see our boring landing page (and not much else).  We’re not ready to launch our beta service yet, but it’s coming.

About the team

All (4) of us co-founded the project last term in May, 2010 as part of the VeloCity program.  Our roles break down as follows:

  • Leander – master of the interwebs; self-described genius
  • Mitch – map/web design; he has photoshop
  • Deanna – manages the books (finance/legal)
  • and me, Hongwei – team lead; noob developer

If I’ve managed to keep you interested this long, then please sign up to be informed by email when we launch.


Hongwei Liu

Co-founder and Team Lead of MappedIn