Pivich Inc. on Why to Design for BlackBerry Platforms

Last night featured yet another visit from members of VeloCity’s alumni – Oleg Artemenko and Artem Burmistrov, students with proclaimed ‘4th year budgets’ who are now co-directors of Pivich Inc.  Pivich Inc., founded just this past summer, aids businesses in expanding their network through the use of mobile and web devices, primarily bolstered through the use of the BlackBerry platform.

Their speech was therefore centered on providing tips for creating BlackBerry applications.  They focused on the initial setup, file access, and different uses of networking when addressing development.  In terms of design they instead spoke about wireframes and sketches, stating that they are both fast and simple to produce, and also strongly advised the students to use vectors for any icon or logo that may one day need to be resized or reused.

They had a few simple, yet often neglected, tips for our designers;  

  • Think about what devices the application should target
  • Consider creating the product for a variety of audiences – think about languages
  • If you’ve created an app that actually solves a problem, it’ll sell

When asked why Pivich Inc. decided to target BlackBerry applications instead of the ever-prominent iPhone, the co-directors had quite substantial reasons backing their decision.  Namely;

  • BlackBerry has roughly 41 million subscribers
  • The iPhone is more centered around apps and therefore there is a lot of competition in terms of providers – especially from professional companies
  • In general, less people design apps for the BlackBerry platform
  • BlackBerry runs the corporate world; by making a business-like application, you can receive substantial revenue, especially if selling directly to a corporation