Idimoris. Where are they now.

Former VeloCity students take time out of their busy day to reflect back on their VeloCity days and give insights into what they are doing now. Damian Campeanu of Idimoris gave us a more in-depth look at what he has been doing since leaving VeloCity.

Who are we?

There are three of us including myself: Damian Campeanu, Shalom
Aptekar, and Graham Allsop. Our start-up is called Idimoris and our
product is a city simulation video game called Synekism.

How does your start-up work?

We are a start-up with a single product: Synekism. Synekism is a 3D
city simulator, which uses grid less environment, and its content (the
buildings) is generated dynamically upon birth. We believe the dynamic
approach gives us great potential for visual and functional realism as
well as offer a unique approach to city simulation gaming.

We approached our audience on September 1st, 2010 with our first
proof-of-concept release. It was free, buggy, and not very interesting
but fully functional and got our message across. With our launch we
promised complete transparency regarding our slow but persistent
development process as well as monthly updates; so far, we haven’t
broken our promise. We have regular discussions with our users about
our approaches and priorities. It’s not unusual that someone suggests
a feature on our forum and by next release we have it implemented.

This is a massive subject and we just scratched it so we have a lot to
do before we can charge. Some of the features we wish to have before
we sell are: accurate traffic simulation, realistic terrain, water,
public transit simulation, multiplayer, plug-in based dynamic building
modding and generation, and full-cross platform support. We might,
however, based on community response, decide to sell sooner.

How has VeloCity helped you in your current start-up?

I had amazing opportunities at VeloCity to present our game to the
start-up community and the general public, which generated great feedback. In
addition, as I have been three terms in VeloCity prior to starting
this project I believe VeloCity also prepared me for the start-up
challenges I did and will encounter.

What long-term goals do you have for your start-up?

We will continue working part-time and keeping our monthly release
cycle for the next 4 years. Within these 4 years we will start work on
a separate version with more features and depth, which will be sold as
a digital product. There will always be the free version to serve as a
demo as well as a barebones client.

Afterwards, we are looking at more central multiplayer and release
distribution systems with subscriptions as well as approaching
educational and city planning markets.

For more information on Idimoris and Synekism please visit: