An Update with VeloCity Alumni: NeverBored Studios

Thomas Ang recently emailed me with some information on the inner workings of their start-up, NeverBored Studios

1) Who are you and what is the name of your start-up?

My name is Thomas Ang and my startup is called NeverBored Studios.

2) What do you do?

We do a mixture of software development consulting (other companies pay us to build apps for them) and our own self-funded projects. We primarily do iPhone and Web apps. Our current self-funded project is an online directory of video portfolios called Vidfolia. This is a site where people who are looking to get videos made by a professional can come and find the right video producer to get the job done. Seekers can filter the available producers according to location, preferred budget and specialization (wedding videos vs training videos vs promotional videos etc.), and then view contact information and portfolios for the relevant producers. We use a variety of cloud computing technologies to host the portfolios, and plan to offer both free and premium accounts to video producers.

3) How has VeloCity helped you and your start-ups?

VeloCity connected me with my partner (Kevin Sylvestre) and my former partner (Jimmy Ho). It has also connected me with the startup community as a whole by exposing me to various events and resources like Communitech. I also keep in touch with and have collaborated with a wide variety of other VeloCity alumni, amongst whom is Ernest Surudo, currently working with us on Vidfolia.

4) What’s next for NeverBored Studios?

Our goal is to build out a portfolio of ownership in projects that have the potential to earn recurring and scalable income while always remaining cash flow positive. To this end we are constantly searching for the right balance between our consulting work and our investment of resources into our self-funded projects.

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