VeloCity Venture Fund Kick-Off Event

Monday evening launched the first stage in our Spring 2011 VeloCity Venture Fund Competition.  18 teams tried out for a spot in the top 5 to receive a 500$ prize and move on into the second stage of the competition.

13 in-residence VeloCity teams competed:

Synekism – A procedural, gridless, and multiplayer city simulator.

Friend Factory  – Discover who you’re friendship compatible with. Then decide who you think should be friends.

Posimpable Games – Building real-time cross-platform MMO games

Full Throttle Aristotle – Helping incredibly small businesses make money.

Lumos – Analytics for games. Gain insight into performance, player engagement, and debugging information.

SkyLark – Location, Weather, and Time-aware Activity Suggestions

LIFETRACKER – Self-knowledge through self-tracking.

IdeaSieve – An open repository of ideas, where people envision, discover, discuss, and track ideas.

HelloAlarm –  Futuristic alarm clock using natural language processing and text-to-speech.

Feedband – Tells you whether your exercise is effective or not

Localizer  – Internationalize your website in a few easy steps.

Code Cookie – Learn programming with an interactive online tutorial

Strong API – A web based API that forms conceptual relationships between concepts and returns them in a JSON object representing a graph.

Along with 5 teams from the general UWaterloo population:

BoxToc – A web interface for managing your documents and online research.

Maide – Controlling 3D programs on an iPad to change the way architects interface with computers.

Flow – Flow provides a network of charging stations for subscribers to charge their electric cars. Our aim is to always have another station available wherever you go.

Don’t Save the World RPG – Refuse the call to adventure and do what you want to in this ultra-player-agency RPG. Make a difference and bend the story to your will or become a victim of fate.

WebZide – A revolutionary online platform which allows users to dynamically design beautiful, elegant, and professional looking web pages.

Our judges had a hard time narrowing it down to a top 5, so instead, they chose 6 teams: Localizer, Maide, HelloAlarm, Lumos, PosImpable Games, and BoxToc.  These 6 teams will have just under a month to work on their projects in the hopes of winning $25,000 in funding, as well as incorporation and office space.  Check back as we’ll soon be releasing the date and time of this major event!