End of Term Exhibition Details

On July 20th, eleven of VeloCity’s promising workspace and residence teams will compete to be declared winner of our End of Term Exhibition. Having recently received a $1,000,000 donation from VeloCity alumni, Ted Livingston, it will be interesting to see whether or not VeloCity’s participants have stepped up to the plate.  Be sure to visit the Student Life Centre at uWaterloo between 12 and 3pm to see what they have to offer.

For a little taste of what’s in store, read through the following brief product descriptions:

  • Feedband – a device to tell you whether or not your exercise is effective
  • MediaExpertSearch – gives journalists immediate access to various experts
  • GooseChase – leverages smartphone technology to create highly engaging scavenger hunts
  • MappedIn – point-to-point indoor cartography
  • Bookneto – allows students and educators to transform academic material into study tools
  • Lumos – game analytics providing developers with performance metrics and insight into player engagement
  • CodeCookie – teaches programming through an interactive online tutorial
  • Synekism – a procedural, gridless, and multiplayer city simulator
  • Lifetracker – allows self-knowledge through self-tracking.
  • Will Pwn 4 Food – a gaming platform allowing players to compete for cash
  • Osiris Studios – creates fun and immersive games that challenges players to be creative and intelligent in their conquests.
  • RewardCard.mobi – moves traditional paper loyalty cards (i.e. 10 purchase = 1 free item) on to Apple and Android devices.