First VeloCity Venture Fund Winners are Lumos and Maide!

For those who haven’t been keeping up with VeloCity happenings, we recently received a very generous contribution from former VeloCity resident and Kik Interactive CEO, Ted Livingston.  It is this contribution that made the VeloCity Venture Fund possible.  This fund will act as a catalyst helping the switch from idea to business.  Competing teams will have only a month to produce a viable product or service, and ultimately compete for $25,000, incorporation and office space.

6 teams made it through the preliminary round of the VeloCity Venture Fund Competition and thus were given a mere month and $500 to work on their projects.  Expectations were high, and our teams did not disappoint.

Pea Games, Localizer, BoxToc and HelloAlarm put up a good fight, nonetheless only 2 teams emerged as the first ever winners of the VeloCity Venture Fund Finals:

Lumos – a game analytics service that provides developers with performance metrics and insight into player engagement. Features such as remote debug logging, system info records, and the ability to solicit player feedback make it easy to identify problem areas and fix them accordingly. Lumos’ effortless integration provides a solution that requires no extra coding, so game developers can be up and running within minutes.

Maide – an iPad application that connects with 3D CAD software and allows you to control 3D space from a multi-touch interface. It controls camera movements, the mouse, and activates commands. System users do not need to look at the iPad while working with CAD programs and utilizes muscle memory to increase speed. Maide will provide users with a seamless integration between multiple software platforms, so architects and engineers can really take advantage of the iPad in their work. It will also be released for hobbyists to play with for non-professional 3D applications.


If you are interested in applying to the VeloCity Venture Fund next term, check back next week for information on eligibility criteria and how to go about applying.


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