VeloCity Venture Fund – Apply Now!

It’s the start of a new term here at VeloCity, and that means there’s a new round of funding available for uWaterloo student startups. Last term 18 fantastic teams competed in the VeloCity Venture Fund Competition for four chances at $25,000, mentorship, incorporation and office space. This term we’re upping the ante. Four funding opportunities, four incorporated companies, and space for four companies in our workspace at the VeloCity workspace in the Communitech Hub.

Before you apply, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Only businesses with at least one founder a uWaterloo student (or less than 12 months since you graduated) can apply
  • The current stage of your business is irrelevant. Applicants’ projects can range from idea to profitable business
  • You do not have to be involved in tech to apply – any business idea is welcome
  • This is not a loan – you will never have to pay us back! Just remember the little people when you’ve made it
  • It’s not just about your idea/business. Team dynamics, personality, passion, and motivation all play a big part in scoring the $25,000 jackpot
  • Current students, you must use the following term as an co-op term.
  • Your applications must be in by September 16th at noon!

Bring you’re A-game uWaterloo, we’re only funding four companies if they prove themselves worthy!

Apply online!