Here’s Looking at You, Exquisine

Just two weeks ago, Exquisine was one of four winners awarded $25,000, incorporation and office space through the VeloCity Venture Fund. Exquisine will revolutionize the restaurant industry by providing an application enabling users to order and pay for food with just a smartphone.

Here’s what they had to say about their win:

We were thrilled when we won the VeloCity Venture Fund Competition. We had been considering our first idea (facilitating the exchange of the unused computing power) since last term, and began developing the technology during the VeloCity Startup Weekend in mid-September. Despite our efforts, we worried there wasn’t a market for such a service. After talking to the judges, various professors, and industry insiders, this concern was confirmed. So, we moved on. During the two weeks between the Startup Weekend and final pitching event, we floundered a bit, and generated a lot of ideas – some good, some bad, and some outright ridiculous. We finalized our idea the night before the competition, and spent an intense 12 hours talking to potential customers, setting up our website, performing a basic feasibility analysis, and refining our pitch. We knew the chance of winning was slim, but still we chose to pitch this new concept.

Having developed our idea a day prior to the pitch, we were surprised when our team was called to the stage to receive one of the comically large checks held hidden by the VeloCity team.

We’ve since gone back to drawing board and after deliberating multiple ideas, we’ve decided to build smartphone apps for restaurants that allow people to order and pay for their food from their phone. We think this idea has a lot of potential, and the restaurants agree. With $25,000 we intend to develop this idea fully and use the resources and experience of the good folks at the Communitech Hub and the strength of our team to build a successful company.

We would like to thank David Crow, Jesse Rogers, Ted Livingston, Ali Asaria and the awesome VeloCity team (Jane, Emily, Nancy, and Laura) for supporting us.

Thanks for reading,

Akash Vaswani,
Christophe Biocca,
Jake Nielsen,
Drew Gross