Planboard, welcome to the team.

Congrats go out to Planboard, one of four VeloCity Venture Fund winners who’ve received $25, 000 to launch their start up as well as mentorship, incorporation and workspace. The team delivered an amazing pitch and more importantly are passionate about solving a real world problem with their skills. Timing could not have been better as they’re launching today! Here is their story,

When one of our VeloCity residents, William Zhou, was in high school, he noticed the inefficiency of his favourite teachers’ lesson plans – some of his teachers used Excel Spreadsheets to plan their day while others printed out a table to fill in by hand. Both of these widely used methods are extremely time consuming, especially since teachers need to revamp their lesson plans daily. At 19, William, a second year Computer Science major at the University of Waterloo, has already founded his own company, Vetica Interactive Inc.

He was able to use this platform to come up with a way to improve his teachers’ lives. Over the past 6 months, Suraj Srinivas, Tony Cui, Ryan McKay-Fleming, and David Kim worked with William to solve the problem of inefficient lesson planning.
Enter Planboard:


Planboard lets you easily update and change your lesson plan

an intuitive web application that allows teachers to streamline their lesson planning process, including features such as calendar, schedule printing and lesson plan storage for re-use the following year. Planboard is eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for all paper-based lesson plans. It also allows you to access your lesson plan from any computer at any time, which means you can share your plan with substitute teachers on short notice.  The bonus, you don’t need to download any software!


You can see your whole week in advance

Planboard has the potential to make every teacher’s life a lot easier – be sure to spread the word about Planboard to any teachers you know!

If you have any questions or would like to try Planboard for free, contact Suraj Srinivas, Planboard’s Director of Sales and Marketing at 519-729-3666 or at

We are definitely looking forward to working with the Planboard team!