Lumos: Where are they now?

VeloCity: What has Lumos been doing since winning the VeloCity Venture Fund?

Matt: Since winning the VVF we’ve just been doing a lot of coding, a ton of programming – that’s all we need to do right now, a lot of development. We’ve been talking to a lot of customers as well and getting them on board, a little bit of marketing but not too much, mostly programming.

V: Did you spend all the money?

M: It’s almost all gone.

V: What’s your biggest achievement since winning the VeloCity Venture Fund?

M: I guess just getting more customers on board and making them really happy.

V: What have you learned in the past year?

M: Mostly about managing people and how not to do that I suppose. I mean we made a ton of mistakes and burned a lot of money – it was a good learning experience. It’s something I’ve never done before – I can program fine, that’s no big deal, but actually running a business and doing all of that has been a good learning experience.

V: What do you think you’d be doing if you didn’t win VVF?

M: I’d be doing the same thing. Just continue to work on Lumos. It would’ve changed – would’ve been a lot slower to work on it full time, but we’d still be doing the same thing.

V: What’s next for Lumos?

M: Build a better product, get more customers on board. And that’s basically it.

Since our interview, Matt pitched Lumos at GTAN‘s startup LaunchPad and won 3rd place, $10,000. Huge congrats to Lumos – we’re excited to see what they do next!