Congrats to Jingu, acquired by Rebellion Media!

It’s been a startup road of hard work but, the VeloCity Garage is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Jingu, a Garage based team, to Rebellion Media! Jingu is the first mobile-only social discovery platform where friends connect with friends they don’t yet know, instantly. It’s creative, compelling, and certainly pushing the realm of what social can be in a world where mobile dominates communication. With a million+ and growing monthly active users, Jingu’s activity stream is projecting more demand than ever with over 100K messages being exchanged per day.

“We’ve seen that once you get to a certain stage in life, life literally gets in the way of making new friends. We know there’s tons of interesting people around you that would enrich your life and relationships, but you simply don’t know who they are. We aspire to be the Facebook for everyone else. You have Facebook for your close friends, but all the people you don’t yet know, we want to be the connector for that,” says Theban Ganeshalingam, a co-founder of Jingu and previously Senior Product Manager for BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) at RIM (Research In Motion). Hossam Bahlool, the other half of Jingu and former Director, Product Management for BlackBerry Messenger has been all hands on deck working hard the past few months to create the best user experience possible.

Together the two co-founders have brought together ten years of mobile experience with expertise coming from one of the most successful mobile applications globally, BBM. Working together at RIM paved the way for the exchange of ideas with no hesitation about working together on new projects like Jingu for Hossam and Theban. There’s an awesome article that was recently written that perfectly summarizes why Jingu started to build this business, “Why its hard to build friends over the age of 30.” They built they app but are now discovering that it caters to a wide range of demographic, not just the 30+ crowd. More importantly, it’s connecting people with all sorts of shared interests. What’s next on their roadmap as they join Rebellion Media? Hossam and Theban have plans to launch the app for iOS where they anticipate great demand. Meeting new people is a space that is hard to break into, but they are up for the challenge.

“What’s more exciting is we’ve recently been acquire by a digital media powerhouse (Rebellion Media) who’s very much on the same page as we are in regards to how we want to build this out. So, we have the financial backing to hire and truly make an impact in this space,” says Hossam. Rebellion Media is focused on unique digital media experiences that are personalized to each user with The VeloCity Garage is thrilled to see what’s next in the pipeline. For more information about Jingu, check out their website or follow them on twitter @jinguapps and @rebellion_media.