Waterloo Wins This Year’s Facebook Hackathon!

Waterloo did it again.

And by again, we mean took home the championships for another Facebook Hackathon. This time, it was the Facebook Global University Hackathon.

The original team that competed earlier on this year in the first round, the Facebook Waterloo Hackathon, consisted of Peter Sobot, Jinny Kim, and Scott Greenlay. They won regionally with NinjaQuote, a Facebook game that tests how well you know your friends. This is the second win for the University of Waterloo, with last year’s Facebook Waterloo winners being current and former VeloCity residents, Christophe Biocca, Akash Vaswani, Drew Gross, and Carlo Barraco.

Facebook has ran approximiately 18 hackathons, mostly in the U.S, with a few in Canada (UBC and Waterloo), Brazil, and Ukraine. Winners from each of these hackathons went on to compete at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA for three days (November 28 – 30) – the finals.

Three solid days of hack and awesomeness and they’ve earned the title of this year’s Facebook Hackathon Champions!

In the Facebook finals, the team that built NinjaQuote was joined by an additional team member, Fravic Fernando (replacing Peter, who could not make it). This time around, the VeloCity residents worked on an iPhone application called Quin.

Quin allows you to ask your phone questions about your Facebook friends using your voice, and returns you graphs showing various attributes (e.g. gender, popularity, relationship status). It visualizes data in a way that normal Facebook search can’t. If you’re curious, you can check out the source for the hack on GitHub.

The University of Waterloo team beat out 17 other competing teams with Quin and took home $3,000! Watch Scott talk about the win in his VeloCity hoodie on CTV National News here.

Photos of the event and other teams competing are here for viewing fun.

A big thanks to TNW for their coverage of Waterloo’s big win!

As for whether or not Quin will live beyond the walls of Facebook’s Hackathon, time will tell, stay tuned!


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