Kira Talent Raises Their First Round Of Funding

Haven’t had enough excitement for one week?

Neither have we!

We have more great news: Kira Talent, VeloCity Venture Fund winners and VeloCity Garage tenants recently raised their first round of funding.

We talked to Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski, co-founder of Kira Talent, about raising this round, advice for other startups trying to raise funds, and found out a little more about their key investor, Relay Ventures.


The Kira Talent team, pumped about their first round.

Kira Talent is an online platform that makes job interviews much easier for employers and job seekers. It allows employers to interview hundreds of job applicants in minutes – managers record video questions, applicants respond back with timed video answers, and managers can rate, share, and compare applicants with their teams.

The Kira Talent team had gotten lots of interest from investors back in August through Venture Day at the Next 36. From there, they began some discussion; it was just a matter of choosing the right investors that they felt fit well with the rest of the team.

Konrad gave us some insight into raising a round. He told us, “Know the basics, so things like: if you raise this round, how much run rate does this give you, what’s your current run rate, your valuation, etc.” He also mentioned the importance of taking down notes on comments from investors after every presentation you make – it’s essential to iterate your presentation based on the feedback that you get.

The process of raising funds is hard. Konrad told us that what you hear in the media can be deceiving. “All the press releases on TechCrunch that say: “We raised funding in just an afternoon”, represent 0.0000001% of startups. It’s not going to be glamorous, it’s going to be lots of back & forth with investors and lawyers.”

So raising a round is extremely hard. But Kira Talent has managed to do it!

Who are the key players investing?

Konrad told us, “Relay Ventures is a big one. They’ve invested in a bunch of HR Cloud companies like ClearFit, TribeHR, Achievers, so they’re a great fit for us. David Shaw, President and CEO of Knightsbridge Human Capital, and Roger Martin, sits on the board of Thompson Reuters, RIM, and is an advisor to P&G, are great additions to have as well.”

So you’re a startup, and you want to raise some funding of your own. Konrad’s advice to you: “Plan that it’s going to take twice as long, and it’s a full-time job. It’s not something you can just do for a few minutes each day.”

Now that Kira Talent has raised this round, they’ve hired 3 co-op students and are looking to bring on another full-time engineer. They’re excited to grow the team!

We’re excited for the Kira Talent team as well and can’t wait to see where this round takes them!

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