Ending Bootcamp Winter 2013: Pitch Night!

Monday night concluded our Residence Bootcamp Week, and it sure went out with a bang! We went over to the VeloCity Garage for dinner and pitch night.

After polishing off a very tasty dinner, residents were given the opportunity to pitch the idea they’ve been working on this week, and a fantastic range of ideas in various stages of development were presented. Each person had three minutes to pitch their idea, and two minutes for feedback from their peers.

Some amazing ideas were pitched, and it was great to see the teams that had formed, and how some of these ideas had progressed and changed in just one week! It was clear that bringing new team members onboard an idea had brought new strengths and opinions to the table, and these ideas had grown because of it.

It was a great night, full of unique, growing ideas, we hope to see some of these apps on the market in the future! Click here to view more photos from the evening!