VeloCity Garage Welcomes TrendRadius and CircIt!

Today the VeloCity Garage welcomes two new startups – TrendRadius and CircIt! Increasing our total number of startup’s to 28!

TrendRadius is on a mission to help companies create products that meet the needs of their customers.  Their product, Insights, lets you connect with customers via social media channels, email, forums, etc. The data collected is then used to map out the requirements for new products.  To learn more about TrendRadius, check out their web site here.

CircIt is working with anyone who is looking to easily create multi layer circuit boards for proof of concept electronics.  By leveraging existing printing technologies CircIt is able to use non-conductive and conductive inks to create working circuit boards! Click here to see a working demo, or check out for more information.

Interested in joining the VeloCity Garage, or working with one our startups? Click here for details on the application process, or here to access our talent board.


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