SoundBrush Launched to App Store!

According to Y Combinator’s Paul Graham SoundBrush is “one of the coolest tablet apps” he’s ever seen – and today, SoundBrush launched their iPad app to Apple’s App Store.


SoundBrush allows users to simply “draw” notes on a blank musical score. Users can leverage over 30 different instruments to create and share their own music. Through an intuitive user interface SoundBrush takes care of the pitch, speed, and tone, allowing users to draw notes onto the appropriate staff and create a piece – users no longer need the expertise of a musician to write music.


SoundBrush co-founder, Basil Al-Dajane hopes their app will help them reach their goal of “bringing more music to the world”.

Along with version 2 of the app, SoundBrush is pleased to launch their in-app sharing platform – Discover. Discover allows users to share songs with people around the world. These songs can be viewed and edited from within the app, or shared via a web browser.

SoundBrush is free to download and you can purchase additional instrument “packs” from within the app. Each pack of 5 unique instruments is priced at either $0.99 or $1.99.

For more information on SoundBrush, check out their web site or download it from the App Store.