Ted Livingston, CEO of KIK – “This Will be the Best Time in Your Life to Start a Company.”


A humble but confident Ted Livingston took the stage in the Student Life Centre at the University of Waterloo today. Livingston, dressed in cargo shorts and a sweater, did not seem at all inflated by the success of his company Kik Interactive. Full of stories and quotes from his experiences, Livingston’s speech was grounded and meaningful for the uWaterloo students that attended VeloCity’s Campus “Kik”-off event.  Livingston simply stated that because of the uW entrepreneurial community, “this will be the best time in your life to start a company.”


A highlight of Livingston’s address was his ability to demonstrate that starting a business is not a plan set-in-stone. Livingston shared stories about Kik’s huge growth and his teams struggle to keep up with an increasing user base. He stated that while his journey was a wild ride, “It almost never even happened.” Amazingly, Livingston vouches for a co-op student that worked for Kik, saying that if it weren’t for him, Kik would have never survived. The 1 million dollars Livingston donated to the University of Waterloo, that helped launch VeloCity Venture Fund, is his way of giving back to the community that nurtured him. It is his also his way, just like he noted in his speech, of saying “I believe in the Students at the University of Waterloo, because I have seen it [Success from uWaterloo students] first hand.”