Follow In the Footsteps of These Famous VeloCity Residents

Over the years, you’ve probably heard of the VeloCity Residence Alumni who have gone on to do some pretty awesome things. Names like Ted Livingston from Kik, Eric Migicovsky from Pebble and Stephen Lake from Thalmic Labs are all titles that stand out as famous past VeloCity Residents. But there are more VeloCity Alumni that have gone on to do great things and they also lived in the VeloCity Residence! Here are some past residents that you may not have known lived at VeloCity:


aaron_grantAaron Grant – Thalmic Labs  (room #217)

Aaron Grant is a Mechatronics Graduate from the University of Waterloo and lived in the VeloCity Residence in 2009. He is the Co-founder of a Kitchener/Waterloo based startup called Thalmic Labs, who recently just opened their new space with the Mayor of Kitchener in attendance. Along with Stephen Lake and Matthew Bailey, Aaron is driving Thalmic Labs as they prepare for the first shipment of the MYO gesture-control armband.


JayShawJay Shah – BufferBox (room #210)

Jay Shah is a graduate of the Mechatronics at the University of Waterloo and also lived in the VeloCity residence in 2009. He is the co-founder of BufferBox, a technology and network of pick-up stations to satisfy the demand for low cost, high speed shipping options geared at the business-to-consumer market. Google acquired BufferBox for a reported $25 Million in November of 2012.



HongweiPhotoHongwei Liu – MappedIn (room #317)

Hongwei Liu is currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and lived in the VeloCity residence in 2010. Hongwei in the co-founder and CEO of MappedIn; an indoor “way-finding” technology that can be implemented in venues such as malls, schools, airports and more. MappedIn has faced the fire of the Dragons’ Den and is now based out of the VeloCity Garage, but the company has plans to move to their own space in the new-year.


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