Science Brainstorming Sparks Startup Ideas

Every term, Velocity hosts a few brainstorming events for entrepreneurs with ideas for science startups. Companies working from Velocity workspaces have found that these sessions are a great bouncing off point for them and an opportunity to network and start building teams and companies.

Do you have a desire to explore entrepreneurship and innovation? If so, Velocity Science is the program for you.

Earlier this month, Velocity hosted a talk with some of our startup founders from the University of Waterloo Science program to discuss how they got their start.

We are holding two additional brainstorm sessions this term. If you are having trouble coming up with innovative ideas that have the ability to improve traditional methods, these workshops will help you re-create ideation and expand entrepreneurial application.

Why attend Velocity Science Brainstorming?

James MacLean spoke at the Velocity Science Talk on Tuesday, January 13. He is the co-founder of Vitameter, a company that makes a hand-held device to measure vitamin levels quickly and cost-efficiently. Vitameter is working out of Waterloo’s Velocity Science program (a place that provides research lab space for students to develop their ideas.)

When asked about the Science brainstorming event he said “The Velocity Science Brainstorming event is focused on generating numerous ideas from scratch and validating them as a viable business. Even if you don’t stumble upon the perfect idea you have the chance to experience the brainstorming process and meet fun and intelligent people in the start-up community.”

The Brainstorming session worked its magic for him and acted as the seed that started the growth of the company. “Afterwards I quickly formed a team to start working on my idea. With feedback from professors, potential customers and other mentors we pivoted our device into what we are developing today, the Vitameter.” He also mentions “the brainstorming event is a great first event to attend if you have never been to an event associated with Velocity.”

Moufeed Kaddoura is the co-founder of ExVivo Labs, which is revolutionizing the practice of allergy testing with a non-invasive skin patch for simple, safe and certain allergy detection. Similarly to James, Moufeed explained, “my start-up, ExVivo Labs, was born from a discussion that addressed the current standard for allergy testing and the lack of alternatives that were safe, simple and certain.”

“The Brainstorming sessions offer a unique opportunity for individuals from different educational backgrounds to cooperate and solve one problem. Amazingly, the multi-disciplinary nature of these discussions allow for the formation of wild solutions that exploits a number of technical fields. These sessions have personally helped me ‘think outside the box’ as a biologist and consider novel solutions for dealing with certain challenges that healthcare is facing.”

More about Velocity Science

Velocity Science is a program that provides students and entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources to initiate and develop world-class start-ups in the life sciences industry. The Velocity Science sessions aim to facilitate entrepreneurship among students who are studying biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and environmental sciences.

Event Details

Register for either or both here:

Velocity Science Brainstorming – February 10th @ 7:30 – 9:00pm

Velocity Science Brainstorming- March 10th @ 7:30 – 9:00pm