Yumr app launches on Google Play

Yumr is a Velocity Garage startup that launched yesterday on Google Play. We talked to Founder James Lindsay about his company and the launch.

What is Yumr?
Yumr is a solution for those who like to take and share photos of their meals, as well as those looking for somewhere to eat. Users upload photos, add the restaurant where you indulged, and add hashtags to it using our comprehensive list of pre-made hashtags we provide. Then, for those who want to find somewhere to eat, they’re able to decide where to go based on photos of actual meals (not restaurant listings). They’re able to filter the content using hashtags and proximity. For example, you can find high-protein healthy vegetarian lunch that’s cheap and within 4km from you, with just a few taps (6 to be exact). 

yumrscreenshotWhen and why did you start the company?
I started the company back when I was in Velocity Residence, roughly 6 months ago. 

For me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than having a great meal with good friends. I love exploring new foods and restaurants, but I found it hard to find new places to eat and share my findings with the current apps out there. Sometimes I would spend more time trying to find where and what to eat than actually eating. This is why I started Yumr.

What’s it like launching an app on Google Play?
It was very exciting to make the app finally public yesterday. I held off on releasing it into the public until I was fully satisfied in every single aspect of the application. We iterated quite a bit on the design internally before launching. It has come a long way since the early concept and now we’re truly proud of the app that we have launched. 

Who is using Yumr right now?
Most of the current users are friends of ours who either saw our posts on social media or heard about it from word of mouth. We also have users scattered globally, which I’m guessing came from our Instagram account, which consists of a highly diverse following.

Why did you join the Velocity Garage?
I joined the Velocity Garage for the free coffee. Just joking (sort of). I joined the Garage for its great sense of community and overall vibe. In the Garage you’re in an office space with a very high density of talent – the ratio of talent per square foot is very high.

What’s next for Yumr?
We have lots of exciting features planned that are coming soon. Expect more social features, more customization, and even more food. Some even bigger features that we have planned we’re keeping secret for now.

You can stay up to date with Yumr on Twitter, or download the app today from Google Play.