Velocity science startup brings “Real Change” to apparel; Trudeau impressed

Sweat Free Apparel, a startup within the Velocity Science program, is focused on creating undershirts that ensure you never get sweat stains. Last Tuesday, October 13th, they had the chance to show Justin Trudeau, Canada’s recently appointed Prime Minister, their prototype.

Last week, Chanakya Ramdev, founder of Sweat Free Apparel, found out that Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, was visiting Kitchener-Waterloo Region. Chanakya, being very passionate about politics, did not want to miss this incredible opportunity. Unfortunately, the event was already at capacity and Chanakya had no choice but to stand outside in the cold and heavy rain, waiting for the possibility of even catching a glimpse of Mr. Trudeau.

To his surprise, at the very end of Mr. Trudeau’s appearance, the doors burst open to let the crowd standing outside enter the building. With a lot of maneuvering and a little bit of luck, Chanakya managed to talk to Justin Trudeau! After excitedly explaining what Sweat Free Apparel was and why it would be beneficial to a politician who is always in the public eye, Mr. Trudeau was impressed with Sweat Free Apparel’s vision and took a picture with the prototype (no politician wants sweat stains, most definitely not the Prime Minister of Canada). Founder Chanakya is excited to continue developing the technology behind Sweat Free, and ensuring that not only will expensive dress shirts never again be ruined by sweat stains, but neither will their wearer’s image.

Chanakya could not be happier to have shown Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, how Sweat Free Apparel is bringing “real change” to apparel, and is happy to have received his words of encouragement. Be sure to check out their website for more pics of Justin Trudeau with their prototype.