Apply to be in Velocity Residence!

The Velocity Residence, also known as the Minota Hagey Residence, is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and activity. University of Waterloo students have the opportunity to be surrounded by a 24/7 hub of entrepreneurial spirit and activity that is like no other.

Every term, 70 entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs live there. Applications for Spring and Fall 2016 are open – fill out an application ASAP and you could be next!

Amit Mehta, second year Nanotechnology student, enjoys the unique balance that the Velocity residence provides: “Everyone is very down to earth and set on working on bringing their ideas to life, but is always ready to have fun when the time comes. It’s the perfect mix of business and play.”

Velocity offers 70 single residence-style rooms supervised by two residence life dons, but comfortable safe living is only one of the many Velocity perks. Opportunities abound with Residence Bootcamp taking place to start off the term. “The whole week was designed to teach us to shift towards having an entrepreneur’s mentality; it was interesting to be able to hear other’s ideas, and even more interesting to hear feedback on those thoughts.”

Velocity Residence living also includes Monthly Residence Dinners which are catered by restaurants such as Vincenzo’s, as well as monthly “Big Dinners”, which give students the chance to interact with the larger Velocity community in addition to the Waterloo Startup community. Both are hosted by a variety of people experienced in the entrepreneurial lifestyle and culture.

“Entrepreneurship can be taxing, exhausting, and sometimes even defeating, but Velocity offers the resources, motivation, and advice needed to push through all of that. Living in residence is also the first step to getting involved in the real startup community at the University of Waterloo; you’ll not only be part of the entrepreneurial community– you’ll be right in the middle of it.”

– Amit Mehta