Canada House, a new co-working space for Canadian startups launches in Silicon Valley

In partnership with Communitech, MaRS Discovery District, RBC, and Velocity, Canada House is a short-term co-working space for Canadian founders in San Francisco. Started by the C100 Association, Canada House aims to help entrepreneurs penetrate the American market and act as a hub for the Canadian tech startup ecosystem in the Bay Area.

The C100 Association is a non-profit, member-driven organization in Silicon Valley that acts as a bridge between Canadian startup founders and corporations within Silicon Valley. They host various programs and events aimed at fostering the next generation of Canadian startups and innovative corporations. Furthermore, they also provide support through mentorship, partnership, and access to investment opportunities.

Launching on January 27th, the goal for Canada House is to collectively help Canadian tech entrepreneurs build business connections and navigate through Silicon Valley and to see Canada House as, “a landing spot and a bit of a safe zone,” says Joanne Fedeyko, Executive Director of the C100.

 “Our fundamental belief is that Velocity startups don’t need to relocate to the Bay Area to be successful, but they do need to be part of that community,” said Mike Kirkup, Director of Velocity. “This partnership will provide our companies with a base from which to leverage networks in the Valley, while building successful companies in Kitchener-Waterloo.”

The startups will be provided with office space complete with over 25 desks and meeting rooms, as well as access to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial network. To be eligible, startups must have raised money or generated significant revenue. Startups that have participated in a C100 program are also eligible.

“Canadian entrepreneurs need international sales and investments to scale their startups,” said Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech. “By providing on-the-ground support in Silicon Valley—and in other strategic markets in the near future—we will help Canadian companies take advantage of greater opportunities for growth.”

Not only does the launch of the new space cement Canadian tech startups as one of the fastest growing investment markets, but profiles Canada as a united front for the global tech industry. “Within the ecosystem this is the first time everyone [in the incubator and accelerator space] is rowing in the same direction,” said a senior source in the Toronto-Waterloo incubator community.

“We’re not really up against one another, it’s us against the world.”

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  1. Incredible Initiative to Create Jobs and build economies from The Bottom Up….Congrats!

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