TritonWear completes their last lap at Velocity

TritonWear, founded by Darius Gai and Tristan Lehari in 2014, is a high performance wearables startup focused on athletics. Their flagship product, Triton, is a unique system for competitive swimming that allows a coach, and their athletes to track performance in real time through their mobile device.

We sat down with Co-founder Tristan Lehari to gain some insight into his time spent at Velocity, lessons learnt, and his advice for future entrepreneurs.

What brought on the decision to move out of Velocity? 

Mike Kirkup 😉 Just kidding. But seriously though, Mike Kirkup. Seriously, just kidding.

We were getting far too big for the space now that we are up to a team of 12 people and growing. As a hardware company we also have a lot of inventory and equipment that takes up quite a bit of space, so it becomes a bit of a mess in a shared workspace. We also launched our final market product a few months before our move out date, it was just the right time to move as a company and get our own space.

What part of building a startup do you most enjoy?

Creating genuine impact from the ground up. Building a solution to a problem you care strongly about and seeing it grow from an idea in your head, to a product people love around the world is more rewarding than I could ever explain.

What’s next for the team at TritonWear?

Our short term goal is to get Triton devices into as many athlete’s and coach’s’ hands as possible. We ultimately want to build a large company, and to continue building great products that solve problems we are passionate about.

Where was your company at when you started at Velocity, and how has it grown since you started it? 

It’s been pretty amazing to see the growth of TritonWear over the last couple of years. When we joined Velocity we were only a team of two with a bunch of over the counter circuits thrown into a GoPro case, complete with a strap swimmers fasten to their heads. The data was displayed on a hideous Windows-95-feeling application. 

Leaving Velocity, we are a team of 12 and growing with a beautiful product and interface which is being used by coaches and swimmers in a dozen countries around the world.

What will you miss most about Velocity, and what are you most looking forward to in your next steps?

We will miss the Velocity community and all the post-midnight conversations with other founders facing similar challenges, and helping one another through them. The Velocity team and companies have been an amazing part of our journey so far, and we are excited to grow what we started here into something big that makes a huge impact in the sports world.

If you could give Velocity companies some parting advice, what would it be? 

Push hard and don’t let the little things get you down. You will fail constantly but you have to bounce back quickly and move onto the next challenge. Clichés became clichés for a reason, so listen to them.

Make sure you are in this for the right reasons or it will make it hard to overcome your greatest obstacles. People will always think you’re crazy, silly, naive, or all of the above by starting your own company, but you do this for two key reasons: freedom and impact. You own your own company, so you already have the freedom, now go out and create IMPACT.

We wish the team at TritonWear the best of luck in all their future endeavours, thank you for being a great addition to the community!