Velocity Cracked Coconut

Speaking Startup with Cracked Coconut

Velocity Start presents a new speaker series featuring entrepreneurs that will motivate, inform, and entertain all those who attend.

The first Speaking Startup talk is with former University of Waterloo student, Alex Longo, Owner of Cracked Coconut. Longo began her business of creating and selling delicious and healthy coconut butters as an Applied Health Sciences student. Cracked Coconut was born out of a passion for culinary creativity, and a need for real food, free of artificial and synthetic ingredients. Longo believes clean foods like her 100% naturally flavoured coconut butters can taste incredible and be made available for an affordable price. In her talk you will hear about her arduous journey, including the recent struggles and successes she has faced while building a food-based business from scratch.

Speaking Startup with Cracked Coconut will take place on Wednesday, March 9 from 12:00-1:00pm in the new Velocity Start space (2nd floor, South Campus Hall). This talk will be hosted by Crista Renner, Social and Service Business Lead at Velocity, and attendance is open to EVERYONE. Don’t miss your chance to gain insight into the operations of a non-tech startup. Pizza is provided, so please register to claim your slice!