The 2016 California Pitch Alumni Event

All west coast-based alumni and their guests are invited to watch ten Velocity startups compete at the 2016 California Pitch Alumni Event.

On Thursday, April 14th, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, ten innovative Velocity startups will be pitching software, hardware, and science technologies. Those in attendance will play an interactive role in selecting the pitch competition winner. This event is a great opportunity to view Waterloo’s hottest startups and learn about the thriving startup ecosystem at Waterloo through Velocity, GreenHouseConrad CentreAccelerator Centre, Waterloo Engineering’s Capstone Design program, the Waterloo Innovation Summit and many more.

The following Velocity startups will be pitching at the California Pitch Alumni Event:

Georgette Packaging
Georgette Packaging provides custom-printed packaging for small businesses, by acting as an interface between small businesses and manufacturers to enable transactions in an underserved market.

HealthIM synchronizes law enforcement and health care systems to improve the quality of care for mentally ill patients using a clinical reporting system that integrates directly into existing police hardware.

Lumotune produces nontraditional displays that use nanomaterials to create unique displays. 

Medella Health
Medella Health is building a wearable technology solution that continuously and non-invasively monitors blood glucose levels so patients can better manage their diabetes.

Palette is a modular hardware interface to control your favourite software. Snap together sliders, dials and buttons to create a personalized interface for the way you work.

Pitstop is a cloud based diagnostic platform which uses engine data to run machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance.

Varden Labs
Varden Labs is using self-driving technology to develop a shuttle system for resorts, gated communities, and large campuses.

Vertical is developing technology to enable robots to visually perceive their environment. The flagship product, Vertical 1, is an intelligent camera motion control platform for cinematographers that is capable of tracking arbitrary objects. 

Vitameter is a personal handheld device that determines your vitamin levels within minutes. Each test is inexpensive and provides you with the information needed to manage your diet and supplements.

Voltera is developing a printer that enables low-cost circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with the traditional circuit board fabrication process.

Registration in advance is required, and space is limited. For more information, and to register for the event head over to the website.

The California Pitch Alumni Event is sponsored by Shopify Plus.