Bartesian, the Keurig’s younger and much cooler cousin

Bartesian is making it super simple for everyone to experience authentic cocktails in their home. This single serve cocktail machine prompts you to insert your capsule and choose your strength, then mixes you a perfectly crafted drink. The Bartesian team has been calling the Velocity Garage home for about 2 years now, and we thought it was time for an update. We sat down with Marketing Manager, Martha Cottrill to hear what Bartesian has been serving up in 2016.

In January, the Bartesian team packed up their cocktail machine and headed south to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. For 50 years, CES has been the launchpad for new innovation and technology that changes the world. Although the Bartesian was set up on a tiny shelf as part of HAXLR8R’s larger booth, Bryan Fedorak and his business partner Ryan Close received non-stop attention from the media; a notable accomplishment for the size of event. Most impressive is that the Wall Street Journal rated Bartesian as the Best at CES, identifying it as one of the Top 16 Best New Devices to come in 2016!

Continuing on this media-high, earlier this month the Bartesian was featured on the Daily Planet, airing on the Discovery Channel. Their particular episode included Gavin MacMillan, a professional mixologist/bartender and CEO of BartenderONE, who conducted a blind taste test with the Bartesian cocktail! You’ll have to check out the video below to see if he could tell the Bartesian difference.

Currently working on closing a seed round, Bartesian has secured orders from major retailers and world class event companies who are all over their product. “We’re working on getting investment and so far it’s been really successful, we’re just about to close”. The team has been in talks with many major retailers, and is excited to roll out soon. “The biggest challenge right now is starting up manufacturing, it’s a big undertaking. There’s lots of choices, and a lot of decision to be made in a tight timeline”.

Most recently showcased at the OCE Discovery Day in April as part of the Made in Waterloo Region booth, Bartesian continues to make an entrance and impress audiences near and far. The team just filmed their pitch on Dragons’ Den, so be sure to stay tuned to watch their episode air this fall! With fingers crossed for good news from the Dragons, we hope to hear more about how Bartesian is mixing things up in the near future.