Apply to live in the Velocity Residence!

Velocity Residence applications are now open for the Winter 2017 term! Are you interested in living in the most entrepreneurial atmosphere on campus? Need some more convincing? We sat down with Max Humber, a 4B Environment & Business student and returning Velocity resident to hear about his experience living in Velocity. Max is also the recent winner of a Golden Hoodie, the most coveted award in the Velocity Residence given to someone who has made outstanding contributions to the Velocity Residence community.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became interested in Velocity.

There’s a joke that I always tell people who ask about my program: “The more you learn the less you want to learn (because it just gets so damn depressing)”. The Earth is warming, the polar bears are dying, and white-collar automation is coming…. Environment and Business is great at diagnosing the “big” problems. But there is a deficit of solutions and technical courses offered by the program. I wanted to see if I might fill in those gaps with Velocity!

Can you explain a bit about your terms spent living in the Residence?

I actually lived in Velocity back in 2A, but I don’t think I was mature enough, or technical enough to get the most out of the program that first time. It’s totally cliché, but how much you get out of Velocity depends exactly on how much you put into it!

Who was your favourite guest speaker in the Residence?

I really enjoyed the talk by Danny Yaroslavski, the founder of Lightbot. I found his thoughts and perspectives on solo-ventures especially valuable. And his caution about raising money, instead of trying to bootstrap as much and as far as possible, was a refreshing change of pace!

What are your thoughts on the Velocity Residence Bootcamp?

Mike had a great quote at Bootcamp, it was something like, “Velocity is going to be your best term at Waterloo – unless you stay in your room the whole time… if you’re just going to stay in your room the whole time, then Velocity is going to be the absolute worst.” Bootcamp week at Velocity is honestly make or break. Attend every single event, try to get to know as many people as you possibly can and eat all the food! Because if you don’t, you might develop a bad habit of staying in your room the entire term…

Why do you think living at Velocity Residence is unique?

Micro-funding at Velocity was huge and super unique! I was able to get my Apple Developer’s license and materials for learning Swift funded.

What have you learned while living at Velocity Residence?

I wanted to get more technical at Velocity. I had flirted with programming in R and Python for data science during co-op and it honestly wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. So, I thought that at Velocity I would try and learn a new language: Swift. I’m still absolutely garbage at it, but it’s been incredibly rewarding to build things out of effectively nothing! And build things that I can touch and feel instead of just data models.

What does winning a Golden Hoodie mean to you?

Velocity is overflowing with incredibly smart people. I am certainty not the smartest. But I see the Golden Hoodie as an award for “Most Improved” or sort of like a “Miss Congeniality” award. I put a lot of work into Velocity this term, magnitudes more work than my first term at the Residence. I guess I’m glad and proud that people noticed!

Are you convinced yet? Learn more and apply as soon as possible for a spot in the Velocity Residence! To apply, you must be a full-time academic or co-op student. Interviews will take place at the beginning of June, and you will be contacted towards the end of May if you have received an interview. Good luck!