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ApplyBoard launches from the Velocity Garage with users in 80 countries and counting

At 20 employees and growing, ApplyBoard knew it was time to find their own office, and after launching from the Velocity Garage, they are now pleasantly perched in the penthouse of the RBC building, a few blocks away in downtown Kitchener. ApplyBoard is a platform for international students to help them find the best University or College in Canada and the US. From finding the best program, to applying for visas, ApplyBoard provides a service that resonates with its customers. We had the chance to sit down with CEO, Martin Basiri to chat about their recent move from the Garage.

“We are currently working on some features which allows international students to easily apply to multiple schools from the same dashboard, it saves them hours of their time and ensures the accuracy of their applications. Our goal is to make studying abroad easy for every student in the world. We keep working with our customers, including students and schools, to make our product better and better”. – Martin Basiri, CEO of ApplyBoard

Growth on both the team side and the business side has exploded in the short amount of time ApplyBoard called the Velocity Garage home. When they entered in May 2015, there were only 3 employees. One year later, there are 20 employees and registered users from 80 countries in the world, as well as an impressive social presence of over 500,000 Facebook fans. But with such rapid growth, and a desire to form their own company culture, it was time to find their own office space.

While ApplyBoard is excited to move out and take this next step as a business, we asked what they will miss most about Velocity. “We will miss a lot of things, mostly we will miss having our mentors in the same place we work”, said Basiri, adding “Velocity has the right atmosphere for startups – working beside other people who work day and night on their dreams was an amazing experience for all of us.” Working among fellow startups helped motivate their team to innovate and make the impossible possible. Fortunately, with growth like ApplyBoard’s, their new penthouse office has plenty of room to expand and take over the 3,000 square feet in the neighbouring unit.

In traditional Velocity style, we ask exiting teams to provide us with some parting advice, and Martin had these words of wisdom to share:

“Don’t think that Velocity is only free office space and desks, it is way more than that. Velocity is the best ecosystem in town to grow your idea into a company. Always use the free mentorship as much as you can and try to talk to other companies and founders – you never know how other companies might be able to help you or for you to help them. There are many talented people in Velocity, and you have the chance to meet and learn from them.”

We wish the ApplyBoard team the best of luck in all their future endeavours. Thank you for being a great part of the Velocity community!