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Converted sushi restaurant houses one of KW’s fastest growing startups

Sortable, an ad optimization company that moved out of the Velocity Garage in January, is now settled into what was previously Dake Sushi in downtown Kitchener, after converting the restaurant into their temporary office.


With space for 35 current employees, and room for 20 more, Brenden Sherratt from Sortable’s Digital Marketing team caught up with us to discuss how Sortable has grown in 6 short months. When asked what they’ve been up to lately, without hesitation Sherratt answered “growth, growth, growth.” Sortable is looking to add sales and developers to the team, and is currently recruiting account executives, business development reps, software engineers, technical project managers and more.

“Essentially, we’re hiring a bunch of diverse roles and looking to expand the team in a smart way. We’re looking for smart, motivated people who are go-getters and not afraid of a challenge”.

Sortable is helping online publishers generate greater revenue using machine learning and data to automate and optimize their ad operations. They analyze hundreds of millions of impressions daily and make real-time decisions on which networks should fill your ads, so you can focus on creating great content for your audience. “This is a pretty complicated job, but Sortable is a team of smart people solving hard problems” notes Sherratt. Think you’ve got what it takes to join the team? Check out their job openings.

Sortable isn’t just growing their team, they’re also rapidly developing their product offering and bringing on really big partners each month. “Our sales team is killing it. Things are going really well for Sortable right now, and we’re quite happy with that”.

Because startups are just as much about the people as it is about the product, Sortable is co-hosting one of the region’s largest startup events of the year, Startups and Beer. Recognizing that there are thousands of tech companies in the region, and getting to know them all is difficult, the purpose of Startups and Beer is to introduce the region’s high-tech companies and startups to the people in the community.

” We wanted to create an event that we would love to attend. So we contacted some of the fastest growing startups in the region, and the best local breweries, and said let’s do something different.”

With 800+ people already registered, the fusion of awesome startups and craft beer seems to be a fan favourite. “We hope to put on an event that gives people an opportunity to get to know some of the tech community around here, meet cool people, drink great beer and raise some money for the Working Centre. We’re just really excited about the opportunity to have a fun event, because that’s exactly what it’s going to be”.

Startups and Beer takes place this Wednesday, June 15, from 5:00 – 9:00pm in downtown Kitchener. Visit their event page for full details and to register!