Fiix launches from the Velocity Garage to fix the car repair industry

Fiix is making the car repair industry more user friendly and transparent by allowing car owners to get a mechanic to their vehicle, when and where they want, without the need to visit a garage. They also offer instant, online quotes, to take the uncertainty out of repair bills. Fiix won the Velocity Fund Finals in Winter 2016, and their growth since then has been non-stop. Now, Fiix has launched from the Velocity Garage and set up shop in Toronto. We caught up with co-founder Khallil Mangalji, to reflect on their time here.

What brought on the decision to move out of Velocity?

All of our customers are in the GTA, the move was solely to be closer to our customers so we could provide the best service possible. If our problems were in finding talent and building product, I’m certain we’d still be in the Waterloo Region.

What future goals do you wish to accomplish after your time at Velocity?

We’ll continue to focus on growth until we’re the biggest, most trusted auto repair service in the GTA. We legitimately believe there are too many problems in the industry – whether it be a lack of transparency, bad practices, or underpaid mechanics. If we’re able to accomplish our goals, we’re certain Fiix will become a multi billion dollar business that improves millions of lives.

Where was your company at when you started at Velocity and how has it grown since you joined?

We joined a few months ago after winning the VFF $25k, we had a few hundred customers and decent revenue numbers. Today we’ve grown vehicles repaired, total revenue, and contracted mechanics by 5x. We hired our first employee, got into Y Combinator, and can get a mechanic to your home in just a few hours. Customers, mechanics, and the press love us – with coverage from BNN, BetaKit, and TechVibes, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

What will you miss most about Velocity, and what are you most looking forward to about your new location?

Velocity has a great reputation amongst both Waterloo students and investors in Toronto. Wherever we go, we find Velocity alum and other students that already know and love Fiix. Our new location is in Downtown Toronto, it’s great because its easy for us to visit customers and collect testimonials on the Fiix experience.

If you could give Velocity companies some parting advice, what would it be?

It’s not about the space, it’s about the people. It’s hard to find a workspace where other startups are working as hard and late as those in Velocity. 

We wish Fiix success as they launch from the Velocity Garage and continue building their business!