Medella Health James Dyson Award

Three Velocity companies advance to the international round of the James Dyson Award competition

On September 8, the James Dyson Foundation announced that Medella Health is the Canadian winner of the prestigious James Dyson Award. The prestigious award celebrates, encourages, and inspires young design engineers, and is given to a team that can solve a global problem.

Medella Health received the award for their development of a smart contact lens that can monitor blood glucose levels. Their innovative product provides a non-invasive way for users with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels in real-time, allowing for preventative healthcare measures to be put in place before major issues arise.

In the next month, participants will compete at the international stage, and Medella Health will be joined in the finals with four other runner-up Canadian teams, two of whom are fellow Velocity companies, Penta Medical, and Arylla. Penta Medical develops wearable technology that delivers infrared therapy to heal injuries faster, and Arylla develops nano ink technology that is designed to protect users against counterfeiting. Their ink can be used on anything from clothing to food labels, and tags each item with a unique, high security fingerprint. These three Velocity companies will join two other Canadian finalists, and 105 competitors from 22 countries for the international round of competition. Following that, the final 20 shortlist of companies will be announced on September 29.

This isn’t the first time a Velocity company has succeeded in this competition, last year, Velocity Garage company Voltera won the international James Dyson Award, the first time a Canadian company had ever won this distinguished award. And in the year prior, Suncayr was the International runner-up. History may repeat itself, but we will have to stay tuned to find out on October 27, when the international winner is announced. Congratulations to Medella Health, Penta Medical, and Arylla, for making it to the international finals and good luck!