Georgette Packaging provides sweet branding solutions for small businesses

From Northern Ireland, to Kitchener, to California, and back again, Georgette Packaging works at the intersection of food business and packaging manufacturers, and it has $2 million in sales to show for it.

Founder Sarah Landstreet used to own her own bakery in Northern Ireland, and that’s how she came across a large problem; bakery owners were in need of quality branded packaging for their baked goods, but options were limited for small businesses. After extensive research, Sarah realized she could be the one to provide a valuable solution to this widespread problem.

Georgette Packaging’s service removes the confusing steps of ordering custom branded packaging by creating a simple, online, one-stop-shop. Their user-friendly website even offers automatic quotes, which is unheard of among traditional box manufacturers. By using Georgette Packaging’s service, small business owners avoid the hassle of juggling multiple manufacturers and contracts.

The Georgette Packaging team returned to the Velocity Garage this summer after spending four months at the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program in California, and scaling up their business. The company currently works with over 150 businesses in Canada and the US, and are growing sales 36% per month. They are constantly facing new, exciting challenges, and continue to explore ways to better meet customers’ needs, including working with manufacturers to provide custom box sizes.

Georgette Packaging is in the process of hiring top-notch sales people and a graphic designer to add to their team. If you’re interested in working for this up-and-coming company, apply on their website.