Marketing Assistant

Getting social: Velocity Marketing co-op

Each term, Velocity rounds out its team with three co-op students who play an important role in supporting marketing, science, and events functions. This blog post is part two in a series where past co-op students share their experiences working at Velocity and what they learned.

Katie Steckly took on the role of Marketing Assistant at Velocity in Fall 2016. Before working at Velocity as a co-op student, Katie had ignited her own entrepreneurial spirit with side projects including a personal blog and YouTube channel. It wasn’t until she spent a term alongside some 80+ diverse companies in the Velocity Garage that she realized that anyone can be an entrepreneur, including those with a background in Arts. As an English student, Katie highlighted:

“No matter your background or interests, anyone can become an entrepreneur.”

In her role as Marketing Assistant, Katie was able to channel her passion for writing, photography, and design. Katie was responsible for putting together Velocity’s weekly e-mail newsletter, which is loaded with information about Velocity events, and continued to develop her communication skills by writing posts for the Velocity blog. “It was an area that I could have lots of creativity in, while improving my own writing skills”, Katie noted. In this role, she was responsible for managing Velocity’s social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, in addition to representing Velocity and promoting entrepreneurship programs in the SLC at the University of Waterloo, and at events.

When asked to reflect on what she enjoyed most about working at Velocity, Katie recalled a team bonding moment where the whole team built model rockets and set them off in Victoria Park. According to Katie, it was a fantastic example of what the Velocity program is like: building something as a team, taking a risk, and launching. Overall, Katie encourages any student who is interested in entrepreneurship, or eager for a unique experience, to consider Velocity for a co-op term:

“It’s such a great work environment. You get to experience working in a startup hub without the full set of pressures and stress of actually running a startup.”

If you are a current University of Waterloo student, and are interested in the Marketing Assistant position, you can apply through Waterloo Works for the upcoming Spring 2017 term.