uCiC helps over 250,000 users see the world in a new way

When Sukh Singh first had the idea for uCiC (pronounced: you see, I see) he was commuting to his job in Toronto. After seeing a fleet of fire trucks rush by his bus, Singh turned and saw that half his street was on fire, with no way or knowing if his house was affected.

When he got to work, he tried to look up news reports and posts on social media, but couldn’t see a view of his house. He found there was no clear way of contacting the many bystanders who stood by watching the scene with smartphones raised taking photos. Singh thought, what if there was a way for smartphone users to contact each other and communicate based on location, rather than personal connection? And so the idea for uCiC was born, an app that people can use to request a photo or video from other people at specific locations in the same city, or around the world, to see before you go.

When Singh thought of uCiC, he wasn’t actively seeking out entrepreneurship. For the first few months of its existence, uCiC was just a side project that Singh devoted the majority of his free time to.

“It was tough, because the time really wasn’t there. When you’re working as a management consultant, you’re working long hours. That was the case when I first started throwing around this idea. I was travelling four days a week to Winnipeg in the winter, which was a whole other experience in itself. What this meant was, the free time I did get, 100% of it went into uCiC.”

In 2015, Singh’s hard work began to pay off, with uCiC featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and named the Best New App of 2015. When Singh arrived back at his day job in Toronto, the Toronto Star had already covered the story, so his co-workers and supervisor all found out about his side business. “They were very supportive,” Singh said, “it was not at all taboo. They wanted to know why I hadn’t told them earlier!” A while later, Singh decided to transition out of his role to take uCiC on full-time.

The app currently has 250,000 users from 180 countries across the world. The demographics of the app are diverse, with ages ranging from young teens, to their oldest user in their 80s. Most recently, uCiC took part in the Techstars Accelerator program at their Atlanta location. “Being at Techstars was a great boost to the company in many respects, in terms of funding, and building the team,” Singh reflected. He learned that some areas of app building you can really only learn through experience.

“There is a lot of specific knowledge that that you just can’t know going into the app world. There are no courses you can take in app promotion, or on the ins and outs of app building. Just getting started is the way to learn it, and it takes time and effort.”

To learn the tricks of the trade in the mobile world, jump in and get involved with a startup. uCiC is always looking for talented full-time and co-op developers. Contact Sukh Singh for more information about working with uCiC.